Rio Hondo Open House this Saturday

Please try to be on time at El Monte H. S. on Saturday, March 2nd.  If you miss the bus ride, you will have to find your way over yourselves.  Parking is in lot ‘A’, and I don’t think they will be checking parking passed in that lot then, but ask someone there to make sure. You will need a signed permission slip from a parent for the bus.

Unfortunately, I could not schedule a manual transmission vehicle to teach clutch operation.  

There are six great presentations available in four time periods.  You won’t be able to see them all, so choose wisely.  I will update this post with a downloadable agenda.

-Ray Keays

Links from 2-23-19

Here are some links from the presentation, and some more. Alldata and Mitchell both cost around $30 per year for a single vehicle and include factory (or close) repair instructions, Technical Service Bulletins, recall information, wiring diagrams, flat rate times, maintenance information, specifications, and everything else!
They do have a demo area in the View Sample Vehicle tab.
Price is $30 per year for a single car.
This has the demo shown in class. Similar data to alldatadiy

The videos from the part stores, I think, are much better than most on YouTube. They are for common repairs on non-specific vehicles.
Check the category list on the left, they also have a free tool loaner program.
Lots of step by step instructions and videos. The check-fluids and oil-change videos were from here.
Good variety of videos, also check out the car culture section.

Assignment for Feb 23

Please finish reading chapters 7 and 9, as was assigned on the 9th, we will have a quiz. The knowledge and skills learned here are to be able to write up a car to be worked on for compensation and typical maintenance needed and performed. The attached “Write it Right” is a current version of the fascinating video we watched in class. Please be familiar with its existence, as this explains the legalities of estimating and invoicing, and review the last pages as they give examples of an Estimate, Work Order (known in the industry as a Repair Order, or RO), and an invoice.

Bureau of Automotive Repair’s Write it Right.

Rio Hondo’s Work Order.

Rio Hondo’s Multi Point Vehicle Inspection Sheet.

Please have the Safety Worksheets filled out the best you can. If you have any questions, please ask me.

Rio Hondo Tech Open House

Rio Hondo Career and Technology (CTE) is hosting an open house to showcase the programs they have to offer.

Our vote was unanimous to have class there.  As of now, I am not sure of the preferred method to organize this.  My plan so far is to meet at the classroom at 8:00, then caravan over there, 3600 Workman Mill Rd., Whittier. (3 mi.)  Meeting up up there would probably also be acceptable.

Update: Principle Torres is arranging for a bus on that day.  Meet at El Monte H.S. as usual.  Signed permission slips will probably be required.

This is a community event.  If you know someone who is interested, parking is usually in parking lot A and walk across the bridge.

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