Extra Credit Assignment

This assignment will be graded to a maximum of 100 points towards participation. It is due on or by the 18th. It is a simulation of a Work Order that is also used as an estimate and an invoice. It also requires looking up the information needed and knowing the difference between a flat rate guide and service information. You need to find the information from the given sources yourself. That is the assignment. You will find the part cost, labor times, specifications, and repair information. Just follow this procedure step by step.

First, download the Work Order , or Repair Order but most commonly just called RO. Fill it out to look something like this. Fill in the blue highlighted area with your name, date, and a vehicle. Add the phrase “Check and Advise” to the brake noise and oil leak concern. Choose from: 2003 Ford Mustang; 2001 Chevrolet S10 Pickup; 2001 Ford Escort; or a 2009 Nissan Altima for the Year-Make-Model area. Any of these will do.

At this point, you have a signed estimate authorizing work up to $100. The customer was verbally informed by the service advisor that the diagnosis charge would be applied to any work performed, a common practice. The customer will be given a copy of this estimate. This is typical of an estimate that is used as a work order and is given to the mechanic.

If your car is the Mustang or the S10 Pickup, go to Mitchell1 and navigate to the demo tab and pick your vehicle. If it is the Escort or the Altima, go to ALLDATA and click the “Sample Vehicle” tab.

As a mechanic, you diagnose the vehicle and find the front brake pads, front rotors, and rear brake pads measure under the minimum thickness specifications and that the valve cover gasket(s) is/are leaking. If your car has two valve covers, V-6 or V-8 engines, then both are leaking.

You flip the RO over and use the back for notes. This is a copy of what I typically write on the back. The numbers are from my memory of BMW’s, so use your own numbers, but copy this format. Tire pressures are required by law to be checked anytime a vehicle is in for service. Make up the measured pressures but find the specifications from the online source. Probably under the maintenance-tires area.

Next, find the specifications for the front brake pads, front brake rotors, rear brake pads, and rear rotors. Make up some values for the front pads and rotors, and rear pads that are below the specifications. The rear rotors are a little above their specification and do not need replacement. Write down the specification for comparison. These written measurements will cover you if there are any questions later.

Below that is the work that we will recommend. Find the labor times for the front pads, front rotors, rear pads, and the valve cover gasket or gaskets. You will see two times, the factory warranty times and the standard times. We will use the standard times, because it pays better. Again, my figures are for a BMW, use your online source for this vehicle.

Flip the Repair Order back over and list the parts on the left hand side, filling in the part numbers and part prices. The RO will now become an invoice and look like this . The first price column is for each part and the second column is for the total quantity of that part. The pads come in a single set, but there are two rotors so the rotors will be times two. The same for the valve cover gaskets if you have two. Fill in the description of work and adding the dollar value of your labor times at a rate of $100 per hour. (0.9 is $90, 1.2 is $120) Add up the total labor charges and write it in that blank. Below that, total up the parts. Multiply the parts by 0.085 for the tax, labor is not taxed. Add up the labor, parts, and tax and enter that value for the total. Also, add these to the revised estimate to make it legal.

Find and print out the repair information for these operations. This should be in a different area than the pricing. You should have four operations to print out, the front pads, the front rotors, the rear pads, and the valve cover gaskets. Attach these print-outs to the completed invoice.

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