For May 4th

We have three more weeks, Final Exam is on May 18th!

The last chapters are 45 Cooling systems and 49 Lubrication. So the ASE questions to help you with the quiz. The take away from my ramblings is that the cooling system removes excess heat energy from the engine. This starts in the cooling jackets and uses the water pump to transport the hot antifreeze to the radiator, which releases the heat outside of the engine. The cooled antifreeze is transported back to the engine to absorb heat. Pressure and antifreeze content raise the boiling point of water, increasing the amount of heat it can absorb and release, and also increasing combustion efficiency. Radiator efficiency is affected by air flow, surface area, and the difference in temperature in the air flow and surface area.

Next Saturday will be set aside for quiz make-ups. If you cannot make it on the 4th, I will extend this to the 11th, but it leaves yo with less time until the 18th. I have given you lists of quizzes that are missing. If you don’t know, then text me at 714-348-1376.

I am giving you all the chance to retake one quiz at no penalty.

Unless otherwise specified, for the missing quizzes, there will be a ten percent drop in quiz score, but it is much better than zero. Some of you may not pass this class due to missing assignments and quizzes. I strongly encourage you to study and make up the quizzes. This will improve your grade and you will get correct answers. The final will come from these quizzes and a few from the midterm assignment.

EXTRA CREDIT! I’m working on this now, check back!

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