Agenda for March 16, the Saturday before Spring Break!

Were are on Rio Hondo’s schedule and their spring break for us in on the 23rd.

I would like to wrap up the first half of this class before break. Please review chapters 6 and 8, as the quiz has two questions from the text that were not in the presentation. Be sure and read up on thread repair (hint). BTW, there is a question of supplying the chapters to you electronically. I will try to get an answer before the next assignment.

I would like to give the chance to catch up on missing quizzes and participation with a one letter grade reduction (just to be fair to others).

I’m trying to set up a shop/lab activity that can be done in conjunction with makes ups and review.

For those who missed the 16th, also watch:
Reading a Micrometer
Vernier Caliper Scale
Feeler Gauges

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