March 30, assignment for April 6

If you haven’t completed the midterm assignment, I will allow you to bring it in on Sat.

Read chapters 11, 12, and 16 and do the ASE style questions in the back of each chapter. Be prepared to turn in your homework and take a quiz first thing. I will assign new random teams and we will continue disassembling the engine and begin measurements. I will have another rush presentation ready for chapters 13, 14, and 15.

You can download the power point presentation for chapters 11, 12, and 16 if it helps.

Agenda for March 16, the Saturday before Spring Break!

Were are on Rio Hondo’s schedule and their spring break for us in on the 23rd.

I would like to wrap up the first half of this class before break. Please review chapters 6 and 8, as the quiz has two questions from the text that were not in the presentation. Be sure and read up on thread repair (hint). BTW, there is a question of supplying the chapters to you electronically. I will try to get an answer before the next assignment.

I would like to give the chance to catch up on missing quizzes and participation with a one letter grade reduction (just to be fair to others).

I’m trying to set up a shop/lab activity that can be done in conjunction with makes ups and review.

For those who missed the 16th, also watch:
Reading a Micrometer
Vernier Caliper Scale
Feeler Gauges